Introducing a new high school science supplementary program challenging students to engage in the urgent work to combat global warming.
  • Global warming… SCIENCE
  • Electric vehicles… TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING
  • Modernized energy infrastructure… SYSTEMS DESIGN & JOBS


  • Energy transfer in the atmosphere
  • Physics of energy absorption in greenhouse gases
  • Engineering of lithium-ion batteries
  • Electric vehicles charged with solar energy
  • STEM jobs in science, engineering and trades

Research-based decisions

  • Incorporates Next Generation Science Standards, using a three-dimensional focus
  • Emphasizes research-based decisions in personal and progessional choices
  • Challenges students to plan investigations and analyze student-gathered data
  • Applies a system analysis approach through comparison of the current U.S. energy grid to an environmentally-friendly grid
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teacher Reviews 

I think comparing the two different energy grids encourages students to apply a system analysis approach and imagine a different future. Thank you for providing teachers possible sources to help students research careers. This  is so important.

EV World Reviewer, High School Teacher


These lessons engaged my students’ interest in electric vehicles and built their understanding of the need to include more renewable energy sources in the nation’s energy grid…. students gained a deeper knowledge of how alternative energy can be used to help save planet earth.  Plus they began thinking about possible careers in science

EV World Pilot Teacher

Houston ISD, TX

I like the NGSS approach where the students review their model of the concept maps with additional information from feedback loops.  Each Background Sheet reading is short with lots of figures, which is helpful and complimented with videos so teachers have a choice about using the reading, video or both to help students learn the content.

EV World Reviewer


The “graphic novel” approach is great for my high school students.  Over the last few years, that format is what students have responded to the most. -- This is really cool!  This program does a good  job of connecting global warming, electric vehicles and the urgency of building a green energy grid.

High School Teacher


I just looked at your EV booklet and was very impressed.  Before I read it, I wondered what you had to say that took all those pages and I soon found out:  high level content!  To put it in a few words, if I were still teaching, I would be proud to use this in my classroom!

Science Educator

Retired, CA