Introducing a new high school science supplementary program challenging students to engage in the urgent work to combat global warming.
  • Global warming… SCIENCE
  • Electric vehicles… TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING
  • Modernized energy infrastructure… SYSTEMS DESIGN & JOBS


  • Energy transfer in the atmosphere
  • Physics of energy absorption in greenhouse gases
  • Engineering of lithium-ion batteries
  • Electric vehicles charged with solar energy
  • STEM jobs in science, engineering and trades

Research-based decisions

  • Incorporates Next Generation Science Standards, using a three-dimensional focus
  • Emphasizes research-based decisions in personal and progessional choices
  • Challenges students to plan investigations and analyze student-gathered data
  • Applies a system analysis approach through comparison of the current U.S. energy grid to an environmentally-friendly grid
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teacher Reviews 

It was great that the simple conversation about getting a driver’s license deepens as you read through the material. The storyline was a great way to introduce global warming and the use of electric vehicles. We even had some great discussions about the advantages of using EVs over internal fossil fuel combustion engines.

EV World Teacher

LAUSD, CA, Grades 10-11, Chemistry

Really well-done program.  It is interesting to students and is current in its Science. 
I am looking forward to using it again next year.

EV World Teacher

LAUSD, CA, Grades 9 – 12, Interactions

The pretest / posttest measures the ideas learned in class. My class average scores increased by almost 20% after the lessons.

EV World Teacher

LAUSD, CA, Grades 10-11, AP Environmental Science

The concepts presented in EV WORLD are very timely, practical, and important to educate students about making better choices that will benefit and protect our environment.

EV World Teacher

LAUSD, CA, Grade 9, Biology Living Earth

The concept map assignment deepened student understanding of basic science concepts presented in the Background Sheets, and it helped solidify chemistry concepts by giving the students another way of looking at energy transfer.

EV World Teacher

LAUSD, CA, Grades 9-11, Chemistry

EV World engaged students’ interest in EVs and built understanding of the need for renewable energy sources in our nations’ energy grid.  Plus, the students began thinking about possible careers in science.

EV World Teacher

Houston ISD, TX, Grade 9, Biology & Environmental Systems

My students were encouraged to discuss the benefits of EVs with their families during the Home Survey assignment.… It is fun that they can discuss EVs vs Fossil fueled vehicles with families and friends.

EV World Teacher

EV World Teacher, LAUSD, CA, Grades 8-12,  Robotics and Computer Science

The combination of electric vehicles, climate change, and engineering in EV World is awesome – very well designed, very engaging to students.  For years I struggled to find an instructional resource to teach the topic of concept maps to my students.  The search is over.  I love the Follow the Energy Concept Map assignment in the climate change lessons.

EV World Teacher

Leon County Schools, Tallahassee, FL, AP & IB Environmental Science,